Writer / Editor


I specialize in press releases, whether artistic or technical, but I also have experience working with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, policies, proposals, personal statements, statements of interest, manuscripts, papers, journals, invoices, contracts, manifests, reports, financial statements, nondisclosure agreements, mutual nondisclosure agreements, user guides, applications, briefs, forms, and scripts.

Narrative Assessment

Starting from $0.007 USD per word.

Narrative assessment is a lower-cost alternative to developmental editing. I don't mark up your manuscript with line-by-line commentary. Instead, I focus on deep reading for big-picture issues. You will receive a professional critique outlining the strengths of your document as well as professional advice on where to take your next draft. This service is ideal for authors who are working through material that they plan to rewrite extensively. 

Starting from $0.007 USD per word. 

Developmental Editing

Starting from $0.01 USD per word.

In a developmental edit, your editor takes a close look at the content, dialogue, arcs, perspective, and voice. Most writers start with this service as significant structural and narrative revisions may be recommended. As such, it can be a waste of time and money to begin with a line edit at this stage.

In addition to a written critique, you will receive a marked-up copy of your manuscript with comments added throughout, including feedback and pointers for recurring grammatical or mechanical issues.

Line Editing

Starting from $0.02 USD per word.

The most popular option. Your editor sharpens your document line by line, with special attention to grammar, style, clarity, repetition, and word choice. This might involve reordering paragraphs and rewriting sentences, as well as trimming and cutting as required. Your editor will also add notes where additional clarifications or descriptions are needed. Above all, your editor aims to maintain your voice and retain meaning as your text is refined.

After your editor has finished, you will receive two copies of your manuscript. One will include all changes redlined in a PDF with notes explaining the changes. The second will be a clean copy with comments removed and all changes accepted.